Pointe 3 Real Estate
January 28, 2022

Helped me rent a home

“Moving is stressful enough but Yvonne made finding a home for us easy and we got everything done in a week! We had flown back and forth from California and Washington more times that we cared to getting our daughter set for school so when the time came to look for a place to live we opted for Seattle Rental Group. I thought we had two and half months to find a place but that got cut by a month. Thank goodness for Yvonne! I also loved that I could just elect a service right on the website to get things going. I don’t have much time for anything so if my life can be made easier in any way I truly appreciate it. Yvonne was very responsive during the whole process and took a bunch of videos for us so that she could be our eyes and ears for this house. She was not only thorough and professional but as my husband mentioned after watching all the house videos she took for us, she is also a nice person. I can’t wait to move into the house and I’m so happy that I found Yvonne!”

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