Pointe 3 Real Estate
January 28, 2022

Showed home in 2015 in Redmond, WA.
“My husband and I relocated from Chicago to Seattle, knowing VERY little about the Seattle area, and Yvonne has been wonderful. From her first introduction phone call to our in-person tours, Yvonne has been warm, supportive, patient, and game to help negotiate on our behalf. She knows the market and what’s feasible, and she’s made some awesome suggestions to help us get the most value for our money. Yvonne has also been very flexible, especially considering that we entered this search without quite knowing what we were looking for. She responded to us quickly (mostly via email and text, per our preference). She planned an entire tour for us, but then upon hearing our changing opinions and getting a better feel for our needs, she scrapped the plan, completely reworked the entire tour in less than 12 hours (over night), and brought us to see a bunch of great options. She has been a fantastic advocate for us.”

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